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What Made Apple? 5 Big Success Strategies

Every new business has the vision to succeed in its venture. A look at some successful brands and companies across the globe can give you some strategies to emulate. Apple is one of the greatest companies in the world that has seen immense growth over the years. If you have been wondering what made Apple, peep reading to find out 5 big strategies it employed that led to its success.

Steve Jobs as the Brand

He is a familiar name in the world of tech. Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple is ultimately one reason why the company is so successful. He pushed Apple to the forefront of the personal computing revolution and was behind the creation of Apple’s desirable products.

Under Jobs’ leadership in 1980, Apple’s worth was around $100 million. At the time, its shares were in high demand, making it the biggest stock market launch years after Ford in 1956. In 1985, Steve Jobs left the company, having fallen out with John Scully, the chief executive. However, he was asked to come back again in 1997 when the organization was almost on its knees; down towards bankruptcy, following its operation at a loss for over 12 years. Thankfully, he restructured the company and brought it to its feet once again.

He was quick to get rid of some projects, and introduced a campaign that would later bring back the Company’s glory; Think Different. Thanks to the campaign, there was an intense promotion of the company and its products. it also brought back the morale of the employees.

Unfortunately, Steve Jobs died in 2011. Notably, his name is crucial to the company’s success.

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Consistent Innovation

Apple developed its very first computer in 1976. Today, the company has made numerous innovative gadgets, showing how much it pushes forward. The constant evolution at the company makes it a continually growing one. Remember, it has a market to serve, and the consumers are always looking for something new. When Apple innovatively creates products that cater to its needs, the growth is immense.

The good thing with its creations is that the products are also for those who create them. This is a different approach from what is common for most new companies and businesses; creating a product because they can. It is not a surprise to find Apple engineers using their products. Also, when alive, Steve Jobs was an avid user of Apple products. Therefore, whenever designing or creating an apple product, they make something that they use and depend on.

Staying Ahead of the Competition Curve

This is one thing that stands out with Apple and can be somehow scary to those in the same field. It is always ahead of its competitors. It’s amazing how Apple can already work on a product 2 years ahead of its competitors. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see them release a product in the competitive market, after its design two years before.

Apple’s competitors are, therefore left worried. What else does Apple have in store? This is one question they must be having in their minds. When they are just releasing their competitive products in the market, Apple is already working out products that will be released in 2 years.

Moreover, for them to stay ahead in the competitive field, its team of geniuses is responsible. Those in the design, software and retail sector are all doing great to ensure the company keeps up with the competition. What’s more, inventing components and facilitating manufacturing processes requires cash, and this can be a limiting factor for most companies. Thankfully, Apple has enough to take care of this.

Apple’s profits are something else. Android as its number one competitor has many companies and products under its name, but Apple has the profits, the greatest measure of success in the field of tech.

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Great Services and Brand Loyalty

Apple has amazing services for its customers. Some of them include Apple Store, Apple Music, iCloud, and Apple Pay. They drive in more revenue for the company, boost its profits, and increase the company’s market value. Furthermore, these services help make customers loyal to Apple as a brand.

Apple hopes that its customers will purchase its tech products from the brand. For example, if you own an iPhone, when you need a watch, you can buy an Apple smartwatch. When you want to watch TV, Apple TV got you covered and so on. Therefore, a loyal customer can have an iPhone, an Apple Watch, TV, Macbook, or even an iPad.

When a customer gets to this point, he will not be interested in any other brand. Rather than looking for tech solutions from other companies, he will always go for Apple products. The good news is that brand loyalty is one area of Apple’s stronghold. Therefore, having loyalists to their brand has sure enhanced and led to their growth and success.

Moreover, Apple tops up its great services with great customer service. It has retail stores with salespeople who know its products well. this way, they can help Apple customers in case of any queries or assistance needed. Besides, you can get help over the phone.

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The Revolution of the iPhone

Launched in 2007, the iPhone is one of the greatest products from Apple, impacting modern phones. No other product in the competitive field can match it yet. When freshly introduced into the mobile phone market, the iPhone got rid of the previously dominating phones such as BlackBerry and Nokia. In the first year after its introduction into the market, a total of 1.4 million iPhones were sold.

What Made Apple 5 Big Sucess Strategies
What Made Apple 5 Big Success Strategies

Moreover, the demand for iPhone is still strong despite great competition from Samsung and Huawei. The good thing about Apple is that you can tell its success from its sales. Thanks to the revolution of the iPhone, the company can generate a great percentage of its revenue from the sale of these phones.


Apple is one of the biggest companies across the globe. The strategies that have continually been of help are numerous. However, the top five that led to its great success are shown in this article. What stands out is how great the company stays ahead of the competition curve, is always innovative in its creations, and offers great services to its customers while building loyalty.

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