7 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many people now consider investing in them. The market is continually growing, with more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation. Therefore, people have numerous investment channels. If you are thinking of becoming such an investor, however, you should be careful; cryptocurrencies can be unpredictable. So, what should you know before you make that step? Keep on reading to find out.

Why are You Investing in Cryptocurrency?

There is a lot of hype in cryptocurrency, the market is receiving immense growth, and many investors are considering it. If you are one of them, the most fundamental question you should be asking yourself is why you are getting into the market. Why are you investing in cryptocurrency?

With numerous other investment options available, you should have your reason for opting for digital currencies. Remember, others are less risk involved and even more stable. Therefore, you must have a compelling reason and a particular goal in mind when investing in cryptocurrency. Don’t go there simply because it is a trend, and every investor is trying it out.

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Nonetheless, your goal might be absolutely different from another investor’s. Thankfully, there is room for exploration in cryptocurrency.

Understand the Digital Currency World

As an investor, you should get submerged and get the real feeling of how the cryptocurrency industry works. This is particularly important if you are a newbie in the game. Therefore, you should research different currencies, the ones on offer, and how they work. Remember, other than Bitcoin and Ether, the big names in the industry, many other tokens and coins are available. Explore all these and see which you can invest in.

Furthermore, one other important aspect of cryptocurrency you should know is blockchain technology.  Therefore, look into how a particular cryptocurrency uses this technology. You can do this for several others, so you make a worthwhile investment.

Read the White Papers

There may be a lot going around about digital currency. However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on this. Rather, get a hold of the cryptocurrency white papers, read them and understand its specifics. Among the key and bold steps, you can take as an investor in this space is finding the white paper of the cryptocurrency project. Also, you should easily access it.

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When reading the white paper, do so carefully to know what the intentions of the project developers are and the timeframe they have for the same. You should get everything, from the overview to the specifics. There should be data and as much detail about the cryptocurrency project as possible. If this is not the case, consider it a red flag.

After going through the white paper and you feel like it misleads you or it is incomplete, you should be questioning the project in itself.

Have a Community of Crypto Enthusiasts

The digital currency world is always on the move, with new trends and rapid developments. Therefore, you should always stay in the know as an investor. To help you do this, you should be a part of an online community that deals in digital currency. Investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are usually very active and communicate among themselves often.

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Therefore, if you want to know what is going on in the market, no worries, simply join a community and learn more about the world of cryptocurrency. Are you wondering where exactly to plug yourself for such information? You can engage yourself in Reddit, which is a central place, or join any other online community consisting of crypto enthusiasts who are active and have discussions about the same all the time.  

 Bullish and Bearish Pattern; Know the Difference

Any newbie in cryptocurrency should always pay keen attention to the patterns, bullish and bearish. However, what is the difference, and what should you do?

There may be a prediction of a spike in prices in the cryptocurrency market. When this happens, there is a bullish pattern. Parameters like government regulation, current news, and trading activities have a role to play. They affect the cryptocurrency price. For instance, when the government accepts cryptocurrency as a legal tender, the prices will go up, and it is a bullish pattern.

On the other hand, when there is a prediction that the prices will fall, then there is a bearish pattern. Similar parameters apply here too.

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Therefore, when you want to invest in cryptocurrency, ensure you get information from a trusted source or an expert to rely on these patterns.

Volatility of Cryptocurrency

When you are investing in cryptocurrency, don’t put all your focus on what you will gain. Rather, since you can also lose, you should put this into consideration. One thing with this space is how volatile it is, thanks to the lack of regulations.

It is, therefore, not surprising to see fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. At one point, it can be high while the next it’s down.

Therefore, as an investor, do not overlook the volatility aspect of cryptocurrency. You should put strategies in place on how you will counteract it and eventually survive.

Invest What You Aren’t Scared to Lose

Whenever investing in cryptocurrency, you could lose all the amount. Therefore, only put what you aren’t scared of losing. Ensure you are 100% comfortable even if you lose it. Remember as a newbie; your first few trades might not bring you to the top.

As mentioned earlier, the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and many factors determine whether you lose or not. The good thing is, other than the charts and trends; there is a lot of things you will learn in the process of trading.

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When investing, you are trading in real money, and chances are, you might even lose it, so place only that which you aren’t scared to lose.


Cryptocurrency is rapidly growing. With many investment opportunities, you might consider this field. However, since it is a highly volatile space, there are things you should know before you invest in it. When you research and learn more about the particulars of the coins and tokens, as well as the aspect of blockchain technology, you are on the right track. Furthermore, put in an amount you aren’t scared to lose and have a community of individuals with similar interests so you are always in the know.

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